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The life of 77 Stolen Fish goes on. Several offsprings keep the idea and our story alive.

Mission Statement

Our stage is a playground where society’s rules vanish. In their stead truth remains as a question and the edges of reality become elastic. Here paintings can leave their frames, bodies can dive into books, humans can grow from trees, you can die and come to life five times in one hour, because here, nothing is impossible.

We are striving to create, untethered by genre, a surreality investigating the absurdity of being. We aspire to honesty, raw visual truth, and to make no assumptions about the role of bodies in space. Each performance is a game as much between the performers as with the audience.

We are always excited about new ways to think of, create and enact performance. We seek to explore the possibilities of our playground in every conceivable space– never restricted to the theater. We find collaboration endlessly exciting and welcome all new ideas, challenges and offers to play.


We are a sorted bunch of performers who met training at the Berlin Post School for Physical Theater-Dance in Spring 2011. Though our roots spread as far and wide as our artistic influences, many of us with transnational identities and more than one native tongue, we now call Berlin our artistic home. We come from diverse training backgrounds including: Various contemporary dance techinques, Jacques Lecoq mime, Grotowski and other schools of physical theatre, performance art and photography.

We are in a nascent laboratory phase of our life together. We are strongly influenced by the structural and human architecture of this dynamic city in which we are all outsiders. We are a collective that is both a network of independent artists supporting one another and tight-knit group that collaboratively creates original work.

As we have been intensively training and living together in Berlin, our bodies, traditions and languages colliding like tectonic plates, a new system of meaning has begun to emerge from our borders– from the spaces in between what is already known. In our tiny babel, meaning is a slippery slope, impossible to pin down. So, it is from these games between understanding and miscommunication, similarity and difference that our work begins.


Andrea KrohnAndrea Krohn – Brazil
Andrea Krohn, Brazilian. Studied Dance and Dance Pedagogy at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Worked as a creator and performer for the Company Artesãos do Corpo Dance-Theater in São Paulo/BR where she also worked as a dance teacher. Currently she also teaches Gyrotonic and Gyroknesis, besides her performer work.


Davide De LillisDavide De Lillis – Italy
Davide De Lillis studied and performed for years as a member of Compagnia Esse p.a. under choreographer Alessandra Luberti and Officine Ouragan for director Claudio Collová, both based in Palermo, Sicily. With them, he toured Italy and under their mentorship he received training from internationally-renowned performers in physical theater, contemporary dance, Butoh, contact improvisation, movement research, and improvisation. He continued his studies in Rome, Freiburg and Berlin. In addition to his performing, he now teaches contact improvisation and directs, constantly trying to push the borders of his comfort zone and find honesty through collaborative risk-taking.


Julia Metzger-TraberJulia Metzger –Traber – USA
Julia Metzger-Traber is a US/German performance artist with Jewish roots, and a compulsion to interrogate power from all angles. Not bound to a single genre or discipline, she works largely from questions. Her creative approach is conceptual, process-oriented and collaborative, often resulting in work that transforms the environment and her body during its evolution.
She studied dance and physical theater in Massachusetts, New York, Oakland, Dublin, and Poland, most notably with Harupin-Ha, Butoh dance company, the remarkable women at the Grotowski Institute, and Anne Bogart’s SITI company. Her degree is in social, political theory and performance art from Hampshire College. She is an improviser at heart. Collaboration is her lifeblood.
Alongside her performance work, she has done street outreach and harm reduction and teaches dance and theatre to children, teenagers, women and men in prisons across the US. She loves facilitating collaborative processes and is finding ways to connect her art-making to peace and conflict transformation in the US and internationally.


Marielle Kleyn WinkelMarielle kleyn Winkel – Holand
Started her physical theater education at the HKU in Utrecht. Since 2008 she works as a director, teacher and performing artist in the Netherlands.


Sebastián ColladoSebastián Collado – Chile
Was born in Santiago de Chile and studied theater and dance in Chile (Universidad Católica) and Argentina (Teatro San Martín). He performed in different countries like Chile, Brasil and Argentina, working with choreographers like Isabel Croxato (Chile), Paulina Mellado (Chile), Eugenia Estevez (Argentina), Mauricio Celedón (France and Chile).


Katharina SchwärzerKatharina Schwärzer – Italy
Studied Music and Movement Education “Rhythm/Rhythmical-Musical Education”at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria. She worked as a performer, musician and teacher in several projects in Austria and Italy.  Since 2009 she works on her own projects, which are characterized by a combination of video and live performance.


Valeria GermainValeria Germain – Chile
Actress, teacher and director.
Graduated with honors of the Theater school of Universidad Finis Terrae. Diploma “Theater and Education” of Universidad de Chile. Valeria has performed in countries like Colombia, Perú, Germany working with the Chilean National Theater, directed by Raúl Osorio (2001-2008) and also in independent performance projects. Voice and theater teacher in Universities and courses (Chile). She has been improved in several physical theater, dance and voice workshops in order to teach and practice the discipline of theater in a comprehensive manner. She founded in 2010 PAR, artistic collective that holds workshops and research on memory, present time and Urban Interventions.

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