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The Game

Rules can feel like the bars that hold us prisoner, or the big arms that rock us to sleep. They can tie us down, snarled in “should´s” and “must´s” or liberate us from the paralyzing weight of infinite possibility. With them we can hide or reveal, abuse or protect. They enable us to play together on this little plot of dirt.

The piece is a game within a game within a game. It is as much a game between the performers, as one with the director, as it is a game of performance itself. There is no acting, only using the rules of the game to push beyond to what is allowed.

But, can we ever really break free from the rules?


heavy composition in white (first study)

hello, I’m just calling to say… well… are you listening…? hello darling? Will you lose your balance with me?

rising under the weight of a body… sinking below a soft kiss… muffling a deafening silence

Will I sink or will I float?

Falling into a heavy emptiness… as a borderless body… in an ever-moving stillness.

Is a secret heavier than the truth? Is it possible to destroy the armor that we carry? Do we even want to?

hello… ?

Performance heavy composition in white (first study) in Mica Moca.
Photographs by Roger Rossell.

Go to the project page for more info and to see the video.

Licht and Frame

Performance in L’Atelier with Enrico Pietracci.
Photographs by Sebastian Höing.

Unbalanced existences becoming conscious of their own condition.
Shapes emerging from the frame – crossing the threshold between
two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures. Living moments
coagulating into stillness and paintings melting into movement…

Go to the project page for more infos about Licht and Frame and to see the video.