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Contact Improvisation for beginners

Contact Improvisation WORKSHOP | 04.Nov-09.Dec
The members of 77 STOLEN FISH are happy to invite you to the workshop of Contact Improvisation for beginners facilitated by Davide De Lillis
Contact Improvisation is a dance-practice of improvising and partnering, based on the physics of touch, balance, weight, momentum, flow and resistance. It tunes our senses to be ready to respond in an ever-shifting dialogue of movement. It develops attention, balance, strength, flexibility and creativity. It is an endlessly variable experience suitable for all bodies and enquiring minds.

The class will offer the opportunity to gradually explore the physical principals of CI as well as the act of giving attention as an embodied practice in order to open up surprising relational dynamics. Starting from explorations in solo, that will fine tune our body-mind connections, we will explore also duo and trio. We will discover the pleasure of dancing with someone in a sincere, unplanned way, never forcing never rushing.

48€ – 66€
(pay as you can)

K77 Studio
Kastanienallee 77, H.H, 3. O.G.
10435 Berlin.

every Monday
from 20.30 to 22.30
(04.Nov – 9.Dec 2013)

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Gyrokinesis – regular class

Gyrokinesis class | Mondays 19.30-21.00
The members of 77 STOLEN FISH are happy to invite you to the Gyrokinesys class conducted by Andrea Krohn.

Gyrokinesis stimulates the mobility of the spine, and therefore the whole body. The method promotes a feeling of renewed energy and vitality, and a general sense of calm and wellbeing, while stretching and strengthening.

Mondays, 19:30-21:00

Käthe-Niederkirchnerstr. 35
Berlin- Prenzlauerberg

Drop in class: 8 euro
10 classes card: 60 euro


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